A plugin for Notepad++

It allows you to automatically save\backup your texts:


Compared with other AutoSave plugins the main difference is:
This plugin does create new files (ie. copies) of the currently opened files.
The original files will not be saved automatically. (So basically, it is more a Autocopy rather than a Autosave)
Using a timer schedule and timestamps in the newly created filenames you will have a history of changed files.




The above settings will create a new backupfile for "ToDo.txt" in D:\NPP_\Backups as follows (if the text has changed within 1 minute):

ToDo.txt.2013-04-19 10.13.09

ToDo.txt.2013-04-19 10.14.09

ToDo.txt.2013-04-19 10.15.09


If you select "use sourcefile directory as backup directory" the backup-files will be created in the same directory as the original(source) files

Backups of  "New   " files (not saved\unnamed) will be created in your TEMP directory



Current Version:

1.0    released 04/19/2013


Known issues:

Doesn’t work correctly with 2nd view\instance




But if you think this plugin is useful to you please 







Copy the .DLL to your Notepad++ plugin-folder


This plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY




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