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What is PrinterScout ?

  • PrinterScout tracks all printjobs for a printer.

  • You will understand who is printing, how much and what documents

  • calculate the amount of pages printed within a range of time by different users

  • Sort and group printjobs by User, Printer, Pages  - just with a mouseclick

  • Export printjobs details to Excel/CSV format and HTML

Evaluating this information will allow you to get statistical information on your printers and

print servers usage, using this informtion you can

reduce paper consumption and save toner and maintainance costs !

Stop misusing of your printers!

There are various commercial solutions for printer accounting and print server accounting available - so :

Why use PrinterScout ?

Well, because with PrintScout  there is :
No need to install any other components like Windows MDAC or Jet

No need to install any software on your PrintServer

No need to install any software on your Users PCs

No intercepting of the windows printing method - so there is no concern about stability.

No technical limits regarding the number of printers or users - you can monitor 1, 100 or 1000 printers

No fiddling around with "free" VBS scripts that in the end need Excel knowledge and customized VBA macro stuff in order to get some results

Some other solutions have a lot of fancy yet useless features like drawing colorful graphics and charts.

PrinterScout is fairly strait forward to use, very simple to install and requires no training or manuals - see screenshots











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