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What is SessionScout ?

SessionScout is a tool for Citrix Administrators.

It allows monitoring, reporting and alerting within your Citrix Farm

You will see how many uses are connected and what applications  they are using.

Find users who are connected to more than one server

Export details to Excel, CSV  and HTML

Create alerts and get notified on special events.


With SessionScout you can see in your Citrix farm:

  • users per farm

  • users per server

  • sessions per farm

  • sessions per server

  • Users connected to multiple servers

  • applications per user


With SessionScout you can get notified on special events in your Citrix farm like:

  • number of users connected to a server or farm (treshhold)

  • start of an application

  • login of users

  • login of external users (eg CAG logins) - based on IP-Nr


With SessionScout you can export all data to excel for:

  • printing

  • charting

  • customizing data


With SessionScout you can filter all data for:

  • sessionstatus (Connected, Disconnected)

  • Servername

  • Username


See screenshots here


Citrix comes with a Management Console (AMC)  - so :

Why use SessionScout ?

Because SessionScout  shows some more information than Citrix' AMC !

  • Number of unique users rather then numer of sessions

  • Number of unique applications

  • Number of users connected to more than one server

  • simple alerting\notification on special events

  • set filters

Because SessionScout  does simple alerting on certain events!

  • Remote Userlogins via Internet / Citrix CAG

  • Number of users per server

  • Lauch of certain applications

  • User Login after peak-hours

Because SessionScout  can

  • Export data of a Citrix farm to Excel for charting

  • Export data of a Citrix farm to Excel, HTML, CSV for printing

Because SessionScout  is

  • easy to use

  • easy to install

  • won't harm your current Citrix installation

Give it a try!

SessionScout is fairly strait forward to use, very simple to install and requires no training or manuals - see screenshots






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