A plugin for Notepad++


It allows you to sort lines :


- Display result in new NPP window

- Different sort options:

    -sort selected text

    -sort by leading numbers (numerically)

    -sort by line length

    -sort by characters from the right side of lines (x last characters)

    -remove duplicates (unique lines in result)

    -remove empty lines

    -remove leading spaces

    -remove leading numbers




Some examples:


Sort selected text

This will sort the selected lines only

will become


Sort by leading numbers (numerically)

Usually numbers in a text are not sorted numerically, so that :

will become:


With the option "numeric" linesort will sort it numerically:


Sort by line length

Sorts the text by length of the lines:

will become:



Sort by right characters

Sorts the text by characters from the right side:

using 3 right charactes will sort by fileextension.




Unique lines

removes duplicate lines from the sorted text

will become



Remove leading spaces, remove empty lines

removes leading spaces from lines and empty lines from the beginning of the sorted text:

will become


remove leading numbers

This will cutl leading numbers in lines

will become



The plugin is 32Bit, tested with Windows XP (32-Bit) and Windows7 (64 Bit) and Notepad++ V. 6.5.2 (Unicode)



1.0    released 2014-01-04




But if you think this plugin is useful to you please 







Copy the .DLL to your Notepad++ plugin-folder


This plugin is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY


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