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SessionSCOUT Support

Here are some informations and screenshots.

If you have any further questions please contact our support at :



Installation and usage of SessionScout is pretty easy:

After you have downloaded the ZIP file simply unpack it to a directory on a server in your Citrix farm.

Then start the program (SessionScout.exe) and you will see the following screen:

Please note that the following screenshots are taken from the full version of SessionScout, some feature may not be available in the freeware version


Session screen:

Similar to the sessioninformation in the Citrix Console (AMC) some information about sessions are displayed.

You may filter for a sessionstatus (connected / disconnected)  and\or a servername.

In this example only connected sessions on SERVER_3 are displayed:


According to the current filtersettings some statistics are shown:

Sessions        : total number of sessions

connected      : number of connected sessions

disconnected  : number of disconnected sessions


Servers active: number of servers with user connections (sessions)

Users            : number of users connected to the farm

Apps             : number of applications currently used by the connected users


Server in farm                    : number of servers that exist in the farm

Servers with logon disabled :number of that don't allow user connections

Users on multiple servers   : number of users that are connected to more than 1 server



Sessions per server:

This shows the number of sessions per server. Filter on sessionstatus and servername can be set.





This shows a list of all users currently connected to the farm




Users per server:

This shows the number of users connected to each server:

(Please note that if a server has no conneced users it will not show up here)




Users on multiple servers:

This shows usernames that are connected to more than one server

Under "sessions" you can sort by username and find out the servernames to which a user is connected




This shows the applications running on the farm and the number of sessions for each application

sorting by "User sessions" will show you which applications are mostly used.




Farm resources:

This shows the number of servers available in the farm.

Some details for each server are shown, like CPS Version and installed hotfixes




Advanced settings:

Time interval for auto-refresh (this updates all data in the GUI periodically)




Trigger for alerts for events:

for example:       Number of user reached per farm or per server.


                           Client-IP Nr






SMTP settings for sending alerts:






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